Hello! My name is Aditya Prakash. I welcome you to my website. I am a High School Sophomore in Cary, North Carolina. I happen to be a Piano enthusiast. I have loved playing the Piano since I was very young and the more I learn, the more I enjoy it. Piano playing for me is a stress buster and helps me channelize my energy. As I continue down my path of learning, I would love to share my progress with you. I absolutely love feedback and would encourage you to comment about my progress and leave tips to me for better playing.



I have always been fascinated with instruments and the amazing way performing can touch each and every person. From a young age, I have always wanted to perform. After years of committed study and practice, I have developed more desire to further my learning and Piano skills.

Making Piano videos and starting a YouTube Channel poses a extremely steep learning curve, but I can already feel I am starting to get a handle on this. From the very raw initial videos to more refined last video 'Old Town Road' I have a sense of accomplishment, but there is still a lot of learning to do.

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I absolutely love to play the Piano and at the same time I am fond of engineering and programming. I have joined a local NGO 'The Forge Initiative' and am a member of their FRC robotics team 'PyroTech'. Besides these, I am a High School student. These 3 things keep me pretty occupied.

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I absolutely enjoy going to the Forge. Besides meeting with some amazing individuals I have forged great friendships there. Their Robotics program is amazing too.

Being a Sophomore at PCHS, managing my time with other activities is critically important. Besides striving to keep good grades, I have started preparing for my SAT and ACT exams.

Piano is my passion! It helps me beat the everyday stress and keep me focused. I strive to do better everyday and I am happy to share my progress with you on an ongoing basis.


Boy Scouts of America (BSA) gives me ample opportunity to learn outdoor skills and go on camping trips. At the same time, I learn about good values. Do A Good Turn Daily! I'm currently a Life scout on my trail to Eagle.

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